Saturday, August 15, 2009

Adventures in the Multiverse: Episode 1

Two people find a portal to another universe, and mysterious events ensue. Please note that this was just made for fun, improvised out of boredom, and shot/edited in about 5 hours total (which accounts for all the plotholes– where did Mark come from? Why didn’t other metal things not go through the portal?). I mainly did this just to learn a bit more about Premiere before I leave my other computer home, as well as try out using Garage Band for scoring. Enjoy!
Starring Mark Federman and Jake Lefler
Directed, Edited, and Sound Effects by Alex Federman
Credit music from Troll 2, a hilarious 80's movie:
All other sound effects and music from Garage Band.
JAM Productions 2009

There probably won't be any more episodes, but you never know!!

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